Bruce WallaceMy recollection of the team days I attended as a delegate is that they were usually fun, aimed to get us to bond with each other and often involved some outdoor physical activity. And that most of what I experienced quickly faded, along with the bruises.

Our approach is quite different. It's still interactive and challenging, but more cerebral and, we think, much more germane to the challenges faced by our clients.

Our team programmes are built around our Team Development Model - essentially a dashboard that ensures organisational goals and priorities are clear, aligned, communicated and measured. The model is the product of comprehensive research on the habits of high performing teams in consistently successful organisations and is both practical and relevant to the day to day challenges faced by today's business leaders. Inevitably each dial on the dashboard is impacted by change - both in how it affects people individually, and how to approach it organisationally.

All the work I do with teams is a mix of 1:1 and group sessions. This approach ensures that personal and team agendas are properly aligned and gives delegates a safe place to reflect on their personal contributions, aspirations and to air and resolve any concerns and conflicts.


I have many years of business experience and before becoming a full-time coach in 2004, held senior roles in leading UK businesses, largely in sales and marketing. I then spent 5 years in consultancy, interim management and putting my own money into start-up companies, acting as both investor and Chief Exec - so I've been closely involved with pretty well all types of company - from brand new ones to multi-nationals.

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