Bruce WallaceWhen I started work, I didn't set out to be a "leader" at all. I don't even recall the word appearing in any of my job titles over the years and I find the same has happened to almost all the senior people I work with. Most have progressed well, whether managing a small team or at board level, they earn good salaries and have achieved good results, but, increasingly they are expected to lead and may already be leading.

They have become accidental leaders.

Our leadership programme provides a structure for 1:1 and group coaching and is built around our leadership pyramid. Each stage of the pyramid has been developed based on the key elements we, with our clients, have come to realise are the linked but separate strata which the best leaders need to master. The leadership pyramid is the template through which delegates can become fluent in the required attitudes, skills and behaviours which, together, add up to great leadership.

All our programmes are highly interactive and participants are encouraged to take risks and practice new skills in a supportive but challenging environment.


I have many years of business experience and before becoming a full-time coach in 2004, held senior roles in leading UK businesses, largely in sales and marketing. I then spent 5 years in consultancy, interim management and putting my own money into start-up companies, acting as both investor and Chief Exec - so I've been closely involved with pretty well all types of company - from brand new ones to multi-nationals.

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