Bruce WallaceIn my 1:1 executive coaching, my style is a balance between high challenge and high support. Over the years I have developed a personal coaching model to help address the key areas today's business leader needs to master to achieve and sustain success. Through the model I work side by side with my clients to help them better understand themselves, others and their workplace. This reinforces their self belief and helps them become better and perhaps even great leaders. And although we each own the coaching process, the client must always take at least 51% of the ownership.


It's a bit of a cliché to say that everyone has the potential to do better, but that doesn't mean it isn't true. But, this doesn't have to mean focussing on weaknesses - quite the opposite! For me, "doing better" means concentrating on our strengths and talents - that way lies the road to mastery and true fulfilment and it also generates a wealth of career opportunities, vertically and laterally.


I have many years of business experience and before becoming a full-time coach in 2004, held senior roles in leading UK businesses, largely in sales and marketing. I then spent 5 years in consultancy, interim management and putting my own money into start-up companies, acting as both investor and Chief Exec - so I've been closely involved with pretty well all types of company - from brand new ones, to multi-nationals.

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