Executive Coaching - Career Transition

Senior Executive in Communications Industry

Executive had a very successful career which had reached a crossroads in deciding next steps both inside and outside the company. Lack of clarity on future plans was a potential distraction from current role.

Executive Coaching - Clarity and Strategy in Role

Senior Manager in Public Service

Isolated by new role, with little opportunity to discuss strategy, tactical plan or people development.

Executive Coaching - Effective Leadership Style

Strategic Programmes Director in a Global Publishing Company

The initial brief from the CEO was to offer coaching to each board member of this global publishing company, with 3000 staff around the world. The aim was to provide them with ongoing personal support at a level of intensity the CEO could not make available and prepare them for the challenges ahead.

Executive Coaching - Impact and Influence on Stakeholders

Senior Manager in a Transportation Engineering Company

Following a leadership assessment course involving 360 degree feedback and other psychometric test, the client wanted to put into practice significant changes in his personal impact and presence.

Executive Coaching - Impact and Presence

High Potential Executive in a Global Investment Bank

Need to impact more strongly on senior management.

Executive Coaching - Improved Influencing Skills

Senior Executive in a Major Technology Corporate

Increase personal presence and impact. Expand range of relationship building skills to improve consultancy selling.

Executive Coaching - Step Up to Board Level

Managing Director in a High Tech plc

The Company recognised a gap in succession planning for the top team.

Team Development - Accelerating New Team Productivity

Senior Leadership Team in a Major Investment Bank

New team created to work to high performance targets. New team leader. Need to deliver fast results.

Team Development - Cross Functional Working

HR Department in a Major Investment Bank

The HR staff had requested that a better and more cohesive way of working together across business and functional areas was developed.

Team Development - Cultural Change

Group of Senior Partners in a Legal Practice

To achieve a client focused culture. This involved supporting them to identify and implement processes to focus on the following, better management of client relationships, orchestrating teams on a global basis, creating opportunities.

Team Development - Effective Leadership

Directorate in a Major Transport Company

The team faced difficulty in making clear decisions and maintaining commitment and cohesion as decisions are implemented. The team also faced significant issues around work sharing and allocation within the wider group against a constantly changing set of external demands.

Team Development - Internal Collaboration

Risk Management Team in a Major UK Bank

The team had a tendency to work in “silos” and to have less influence with its internal clients than was desirable.

Team Development - M&A Integration

Finance Department in a European Bank

The objective of the programme was to create a new integrated team culture and approach following the merger of two separate divisions. A key output was building a team identity that is client focused and a centre of excellence in the bank and move away from “silo” behaviour.

Team Development - Structural Change

Senior Team European Investment Bank

The European Investment Bank was going through significant structural change. The key objectives of the programme were to support newly formed teams to work more effectively together, particularly when team members were often working remotely and not able to interact face-to-face.