FIRST 100 DAYS addresses these issues with a stuctured holistic process which unlocks potential faster and reduces the risk and cost of new leaders leaving for the wrong reasons.

During the leader's first three months in the job, The Success Group provide an intensive coaching programme, using a wide range of tried and tested tools and techniques.

We start with helping them to APPRECIATE the business context and culture and to understand their key stakeholders. The focus is also on exploring their aspirations for the role, and where their relevant skills and experience fit in.

Next we help them ALIGN their vision and goals with those of key stakeholders , ensuring they focus on the right things and get appropriate buy-in for their plan.

As the new leader settles into the role, the focus is ACHIEVEMENT, upping the pace but also ensuring appropriate feedback mechanisms and success measures are in place.

As the 'honeymoon period' ends, and the new leader's impact is felt, the final stage provides the tools and techniques to ACCELERATE onboarding and deal with resistance to change, or typical obstacles they encounter, to maintain confidence, committment and build momentum.

A typical programme involves bi-weekly 2 hour sessions throughout the first 3 months, with additional telephone and e-mail support.

Return on investment for the organisation can be achieved with quite small improvements in retention and/or speedier integration in a key role.

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