It is rare to find a high performing team, in which extraordinary results are achieved by individuals who hold each other mutually accountable, trust each other enough to confront each other robustly, give honest feedback, and commit to the agreed direction even if they would have chosen a different route themselves.

The Success Group have synthesised three of the most powerful and well researched models on teams into a framework for moving dynamic teams from good to great.

Each team has different priorities which we work hard to uncover early on. These are not always the presenting issues, and can only be mined by individual and confidential interviews. Once these are clear and benchmarked against best practice, a skilled facilitator is needed to strike the right balance - to establish empathy with the team, create trust, acknowledge initial cynicism etc - and move the conversations to a place where a clear charter for the team can be developed, based on honest feedback to one another around where behaviours can and should specifically improve.

We employ a range of diagnostics depending on the needs of the team from Insights and MBTI for understanding personality types, Thomas Kilman for conflict, to our own powerful and quick methodology for prioritising elements of the team charter.

Much can be achieved in even a half day away from the pressures of the office, but if it is sustained and genuine team behaviours you require, we would recommend a fuller programme of a series of sessions over 6 months.

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