Karen ParkerI believe when working with leaders and teams that I provide a framework to enable the team to explore their relationship with each other and to develop their own optimal 'way of working' together.

I use my business experience and coaching and facilitation expertise to help the team fully understand the direction they are trying to take and the obstacles that may not be apparent but are stopping them arriving at their destination.

Using a wide variety of tools, models and psychometric instruments the challenges for the team are better understood, behavioural change is accelerated and the team potential is maximised.

The feedback I receive from individuals who are so much happier in their working environment following a team intervention is highly rewarding.


I strongly believe that where dynamic team performance is concerned the sum of the parts is truly greater than the individual contributions.

'My whole philosophy in managing the team, right from the start, was that we should be as one in everything we did, so that's where I started.' Clive Woodward 2004

To be 'as one' requires great leadership, clear strategy, honesty and trust amongst all the team members. I have an ability to encourage teams to open up and explore methods of working together in a highly challenging, practical and supportive environment. My focus on sustained change means the long term success of the team is assured.

I personally find it immensely rewarding to work with struggling individuals and watch them evolve into effective, unstoppable teams.


I have over 25 years experience in sales, marketing and management with two of the world's leading companies - Mars and IBM . I have enjoyed leading, inspiring and enabling local and international teams to consistently achieve challenging sales objectives whilst remaining motivated and driven. Creating successful working environments resulted in my becoming an IBM Director and member of the IBM UK Executive Leadership Team.

After spending many years working with Clients at Board level helping them understand and resolve business issues my passion for developing individuals to achieve peak performance has led me to working with the experienced team at The Success Group.

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