Karen ParkerThe Success Group leadership programme is based upon our 'leadership pyramid' of success. Each of the six stages has been developed using the key elements which we, with our coaching Clients, have identified as critical to becoming and being a great business leader. The stages are linked but separate strata which even the best leaders need to master.

The 'leadership pyramid' is the template through which clients can become fluent in the necessary attitudes, skills and behaviours which, together, add up to great leadership. Every programme is highly interactive and participants are encouraged to take risks and to practise new skills in a supportive but challenging environment.

Working with our Clients we will explore and identify the objectives for any leadership programme and then, taking elements of the pyramid, design the programme to meet these objectives. Continual attention to feedback means that the desired outcomes will be achieved.


I believe that the full potential of many leaders today is not realised.....leaders can so often be 'recognised' for managing rather than leading - yet great leaders and leadership teams inspire and enable businesses and individuals to achieve peak performance.

To become a great leader takes self awareness, personal development and a focus on team dynamics.....and it is in these fields that I am truly passionate. Creating a safe, challenging and supportive environment I ensure that both individuals and leadership teams develop to contribute positively to business success.


I have over 25 years experience in sales, marketing and management with two of the world's leading companies - Mars and IBM . I have enjoyed leading, inspiring and enabling local and international teams to consistently achieve challenging sales objectives whilst remaining motivated and driven. Creating successful working environments resulted in my becoming an IBM Director and member of the IBM UK Executive Leadership Team.

After spending many years working with Clients at Board level helping them understand and resolve business issues my passion for developing individuals to achieve peak performance has led me to working with the experienced team at The Success Group.

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