After 3 years in the planning, our Leadership Development Programme was launched in 2006. We have worked hard to improve it to the current level - one client previously used a top business school and switched to The Success Group with 'superior' results - and a lower invoice!

The Success Group Leadership programme takes established high performers and encourages them to develop their existing leadership skills, learn new ones and become outstanding leaders. We do this by encouraging them to become more conscious of the way they lead.

Our programme is built around a rigourous process through which senior leaders become fluent in the use of the required attitudes, skills and behaviours which add up to great leadership.

The key elements we cover, whatever the length of the program, are shown in this Leadership Wheel:

Leadership Wheel

The essence of all leadership development training we offer is about helping talented employees understand and embrace the principles of change, how to lead people through it,and how to influence those around them to support the delivery of the end result. The sections of the wheel are a starting point for discussion, and the end program delivered will be a result of dialogue with our clients to understand their specific needs. An example of what a 5 day course can look like follows below.

Monday Tuesday Wednesday Thursday Friday


1:1 coaching for each delegate.

(sessions, 55 minutes each)

Delegates take lunch


Review of day 1

My Stakeholders

Working with Insights

Stakeholder plans


Review of day 2

My Organisation

Creativity and Innovation


Emotional Intelligence and flexible leadership


Review of day 3

Author of your own day review

My Team

Team Dynamics & Communication

(to include session on conflict resolution)


1:1 coaching for each delegate.

(sessions, 55 mins each)


13.45 Course begins after lunch

Introducing the programme

Introductions and the Leadership wheel


Your Shield

Group activity

Change and motivation

Leading change

Introducing the project

Planning the project

My direct reports

Delegation and the DRAG model

Feedback models

Empowerment and the GROW model

Author of your own day

Leadership and teamwork challenge

Video exercise

Delegate presentations to senior team

13.45 Review of the programme after lunch

15.15 Course finishes

Complete program or shorter, tailored modules - it's your choice... We have run programs for clients over a period of 18 months, and across 3 locations ( UK, US and Asia)... and we have also run shorter modules of between 3 hours and 2 days where that meets the need.

Individual coaching is normally recommended to re-enforce and personalise the group work.

We will work with you to optimise the experience within the time and budgetary constraints you may have, as well as focusing the programme on the specific needs of your organisation.

We look forward to hearing from you...

Leadership Exchange Programme

The Leadership Exchange Programme (L.E.P.) is specially designed to help your top people develop their leadership capabilities by living the leadership experiences of others at a similar level in different organisations and learning first-hand from the ways in which people lead. It is an exciting and innovative opportunity for people to learn more about leadership in real time, at work, and from similarly experienced peers - simply by being themselves and doing their job.

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