Louise BarrettI really enjoy the challenge of working with leaders in a team and on an individual level. I use a combination of my business knowledge and coaching expertise to drill down into what makes business leaders really successful and provide the tools and support to help them maximise their potential. Focusing on teams making step changes in what they do and how they do it can create sustainable change. For me this is about focusing on behavioural change to accelerate the effectiveness of leaders.

I use a variety of tools, models and psychometric instruments to help teams understand self and others and create a common language. My style is practical in bringing action, strategy and theory together in to the business arena.

I have designed and facilitated a range of team coaching and development interventions across a wide spectrum of business sectors, including financial services, engineering, technology & telecoms, professional services and utilities


20 years of business experience, working with both UK and multinational companies. After gaining a Masters in Science, I went on to spend 10 years at a major US healthcare company, Abbott Laboratories. With Abbott I worked in pharmaceutical research, production management, hospital sales and marketing, before moving into a senior HR role. Following healthcare I moved into investment banking. As MD at Societe Generale and Commerzbank I led the team who helped develop UK and global HR strategy as both banks bumped through the changing times in the financial services in the early 90's. In 2000 I founded The Success Group and have been working with individuals and teams ever since.

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