Tony EastonIn approaching the design and delivery of our leadership development programmes I begin by establishing what our client wants to be different and how it will be measured. Often it is not clear and we will talk them through the broad, practical Success Group approach to Leadership (Training) as a template for them to consider.

My intent is always to provide an intelligent approach, not to talk down to people and to offer opportunities for interaction, reflection, role playing etc, rather than instruct them to engage. I aim for a good mix of theory and best practise but ensure that over 75% of the time is experiential whether discussing issues in groups, pairs, presenting, business game playing, video exercises etc.


My philosophy on leadership is that it can be learned by anyone who makes a decision to commit to the path of a leader rather than a good manager. Most can survive well in senior roles with excellent management skills. Some choose to become leaders, and that is when the aspects of vision creation, inspiration and momentum building really start to be honed. It's not about elusive charisma ( although that helps some). It's about understanding the models and paradigms of leadership, finding one's own 'version' of what is most useful, and then committing to specific behaviours and a journey of personal change.


20 years in financial services from sales, marketing to senior management. Global marketing roles with Reuters including postings to US, Canada, and Continental Europe. Board level positions at NatWest Stockbrokers (Head of Marketing) and Societe Generale (MD, Fimatex UK).

Examples of recent leadership development programme assignments:

Global leadership programme for 24 senior executives at Cambridge University Press

  • Design and co-delivery
  • Cambridge, New York and Singapore
  • 18 months, 4 separate weeks, 8 modules
  • Understanding self, team leadership, influencing, working globally, leading change, decision making, commercial acumen, and strategy.
  • 2nd intake of 24 now underway due to outstanding feedback and various promotions for attendees

UK leadership programme for 12 senior execs reporting to the board, Delta Rail

  • Design and co-delivery
  • Derby and London
  • 6 months, 4 x 1 day
  • Individual coaching in between sessions
  • Mix of teamwork and leadership training
  • Collaboration and appreciating different personalities, Coaching skills, decision making, inspiring communication, giving direct feedback

Team leadership programme for 7 executives at AXA

  • Design and co-delivery
  • Bristol
  • 1 year, 3 x 2 days
  • Individual coaching in between
  • Mix of getting the team working better together , more creative solutions, and each able to improve their leadership skills when back with their teams, particularly around leadership styles, assertion, decisiveness, empowering others, and enrolling others into a compelling vision.
  • Excellent feedback, recommendations passed to CEO, and further work commissioned with us.

Leadership Master class, The Business Network

  • Design and co-delivery
  • London
  • 1 day, 34 people from different companies
  • Mix of lectern speaking , introduction to models relating to leadership particularly in a small business context, and interactive exercises - for instance to practise their vision statements and get feedback on both content and delivery.
  • Average happy sheet score 9/10.

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