Tony EastonMy approach to executive coaching has developed over the years from a highly structured transactional style (based on helping the client identify specific goals for each session towards on overarching objective agreed with the client's manager) to a more transformational one which incorporates the former but goes deeper. Using techniques from Gestalt and Cognitive Behavioural approaches in particular, I tend to work with intelligent and successful specialists who want to understand the models and theory behind the move into leadership and what might be stopping them from stepping up and committing. The net outcomes are always focused around specific behavioural actions the client will take before the next session, and I will often encourage him/her to experiment with steps which are likely to take them outside their comfort zone.


There is no such thing as reality. The coachee will have his/her own paradigm of their reality and I therefore tend to withhold advice in favour of ' appreciative enquiry' and getting curious. If my advice is sought, I will give it, but my philosophy is very much in line with the coaching skills I teach, namely that a non directive style is likely to help people come to their own conclusions , make their own choices, hold themselves accountable, and commit, succeed or fail, learn and build confidence.

I also believe in the Gestalt based idea that change tends to happen automatically when we become acutely aware of the 'here and now'. I will therefore drive for that awareness by sharing my feedback about what I am experiencing in the moment as well as drawing the coachees attention to what they are thinking, feeling and sensing during our sessions.


My one to one executive coaching experience spans almost 10 years of working with members of the C suite and their reports in various sectors including Engineering, Banking and Finance, Pharmaceuticals, Publishing, Insurance and Energy.

Many clients work in global roles, and I have coached in Hong Kong, Thailand, Poland, New York and Houston as well as in the UK.

I have over 5,000 coaching hours experience, robust accreditation, and ongoing commitment to professional development as well as regular supervision.

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