For companies operating in today’s tough, fast-changing environment, the challenge of managing the flow of talent and knowledge, both into and out of their organisation, has never been greater. In particular, the high cost of restructuring and redundancy programmes often goes well beyond the severance terms. When senior executives leave, all their knowledge and experience is lost too, and business continuity may also be disrupted by the sudden change of leadership.

Our Top Talent Transitions Programme addresses these issues with an innovative alternative to Outplacement support for senior executives whose role is under review or disappearing, and who may wish to pursue a range of part-time or consultancy roles, rather than take up another full time corporate role, or retire.

Our one to one coaching programme helps these leaders to plan and manage their exit in a way that is smooth­er and more productive for both the company and themselves. Their future may include some work with the current organisation, if this suits both parties.

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The Global Coaching Partnership goes down under

2016 sees the annual conference of The Global Coaching Partnership being held in Sidney, Australia. The 3 day conference brings together thought leaders in business coaching and leadership training from all over the world.